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Qingdao BagKing Package Co., Ltd is one of the leading OEM manufacturer for the various plastic packages for over a decade of knowledge and experience to supply our customers with exceptional quality products with professional customer service.  We specialize in various range of plastic bags, films, rolls, and specialty bags such as lamination.

BagKing Package operates two facilities located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao and industrializing Weifang, China; each facility specializes in different types of plastic bag.  Our Qingdao facility offers diverse lamination and specialty plastic bags mainly used in food and medical industries.  Weifang facility specializes in plastic bags primarily used in household and medical industries. BagKing Package utilizes both in-house and third party Quality Control to ensure our products meet the customers’ requirements.

BagKing Package is compelled to provide valued customers with superior quality products at factory direct prices. Our services include in-house designing and production of numerous plastic bags with assorted designs with timely delivery of goods to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We, at BagKing Package, understand the importance of supporting our esteemed customers to maintain and exceed their market share by providing best quality products at most competitive prices with timely delivery can in return help our growth and long-term partnership.

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CI (Corporate Identity)


The BK can be short for BagKing. However, it also represents the Latin words Bonus Kaput, which means Best Source. It is our mission and commitment to our customers to become the best source for plastic bags and accessories by constantly striving to improve our product quality and response time; ultimately leading to a complete customer satisfaction.

The green color represents the eco-friendly, clean environment by use of biodegradable, reusable plastic that can be recycled to save the ecosystem.


Signature Type

The corporate signature, which is combination of B and K, is a visual element that formally represents Qingdao BagKing Package Co., Ltd.


Color System

Color Green is the primary color for Qingdao BagKing Package Co., Ltd.
Pantone number for primary color is PANTONE 360 C

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